What is CodeGini

All the business processes are being automated by software - Software has literally eaten up the world. The conventional method of developing business software has a well laid down Standard Operating Procedure (SOP). The role of different breeds of software developers (front end, backend, mobile, desktop, etc.) is also very well-defined. However, due to manual work, whole process is still time consuming and costly. We looked deeply into the whole process and identified the commonalities of this repeatable process. Primarily the system architect architects the problem, and then passes on the implementers (software developers) who work according the SOPs to write the software. Once the problem has been architected, the implementation is just a matter of time. We identified that the implementation step can be embodied into a “Code Generation Engine”. We did that, and significant part of the development process has been automated. As a result, time-to-market, cost of development, as well as chances of bugs have been cut down. In summary, we have written a program which writes programs. Thus our tag line: App in a Snap !.

Our Vision

Transform the way Business and Database Software is Developed
Our solution can develop prototype for Web, iOS, and Android application in few hours.

Customized Business App

Low Budget Development

Quick Development Cycle


CodeGini will change the way of developement.
It will reduce the development cost as well as development time upto 40%.

Options for CodeGini

We have planned to provide the CodeGini development service in the following development areas.

Web (Codeigniter)

iOS (iPhone)

iOS (iPad)

iOS App (iPhone)



Our Works

We are in design and development field from past 10 Years.
Our developed app were the top most developer's choice on app stores. So we know what users reqirements and what market trends are. . .

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Why CodeGini

Two of the major considerations in developing business software are time and cost. Since, our tool helps reduce both, the pain points of main stream software development business are addressed. We have received strong indications to this effect based on the interviews of potential users. Three of our existing onboard customers are also testament to that. Our users achieve more productivity in less time/cost.

Our Process

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Meet The Team

We are in the design and developement field from past 10 years.
We have market trends changing energetic team.

Ahmad Hassan Ch.


Mr. Ahmad has 26 years of experience. His interests has spanned over embedded system, code optimization, algorithms, video/image processing, database applications, and process automation. He has managed some highly technical projects throughout his career. He holds 2 US patents. One of his inventions is in the field of automation tools (encrypted.google.com/patents/US20090172584)

Atiq Ahmed Tahir


M.Sc. Systems Engineering (Gold medalist in Final Project). Mr. Atiq has 16 years in managing end to end delivery and deployment of projects. He has diversified experience and expertise as a developer, system builder & project leader to manage the project from concept to completion with remarkable deadline sensitivity.

Laeeq Ahmad Shahid

Head Operations (MBA)

Mr. Laeeq brings extensive experience in finance, planning, and business transactions. He has been instrumental in translating the ideas into viable commercial ventures. His focal expertise is streamlining operations, lean and effective recourse management. He has over 10 years of experience driving profitable growth and revenue including experience in Fortune 500.

Product Versions

We will be having three variants of the products

  • $39 per month
    Developer’s Version
  • Target Audience
  • Individual Software Developers
  • IT Companies
  • BOPs
  • Software Production Houses
  • IT Startups
  • $199 per month
    Enterprise Version
  • Target Audience
  • Business Process Experts
  • Business Consulting Firms
  • Small to Large Businesses
  • $99 per month
    Layman’s Version
  • Target Audience
  • Students of Universities
  • Self Lerners
  • Freelancers

Contact Info

Ahmad Hassan Ch.
Blue Area
Islamabad, Pakistan
P: (+92) 300-8336202